The Basics of Static Progressive Orthoses

An occasional stiff joint may not be too bothersome, but if it results in a loss of motion and decreased function, treatment is usually needed. Connective tissue is what surrounds joints and many times is shortened due to trauma and prolonged movement restriction. The connective tissue acts in a viscoelastic way. In other words, it has the ability to undergo elastic or plastic deformation. Elastic deformation is temporary and the tissue is recovered after the loading is applied. Plastic deformation is permanent and after the load is removed elongation still remains.

Using static progressive orthoses, the tissue is stretched and held at a constant length. The amount of force is decreased over time. It is a periodic application of stress relaxation that is experienced. Static progressive orthoses are typically worn in 30 minutes 2-3 times a day. In each 30 minute session the force that is being applied is increased every 5-10 minutes by the patient in an effort to increase ROM during the time the brace is being worn. This treatment usually lasts about 2-4 months.

Benefits in Cost by Restoring Range Of Motion Quicker

There are many benefits in choosing Static Progressive Orthotic therapy for a patient that is lacking in full Range of Motion (ROM). The positive impact that it has on therapeutic outcomes, patient compliance and cost control is considerable. By restoring the ROM quicker on the patient, the Ortho Innovations orthosis not only benefits the patients, but also employers, insurers and the healthcare providers.

Bi-Directional Orthoses
An important benefit with our orthosis is that it is bi-directional, meaning that it has full ROM. The orthoses work both in flexion and extension in one brace. We eliminate the need for two orthoses by having one orthosis that is bi-directional.

Rehab Time is reduced when using the Ortho Innovations Orthoses
An orthotic device that uses the principles of static progressive stretch is a useful treatment for patients who have posttraumatic or post surgical stiffness and are still not back to a full ROM even after physical therapy. With Static Progressive Orthotic therapy, patients are able to achieve maximum ROM with a much quicker outcome, usually 8-16 weeks. On average the therapy time is ended earlier and present with no less ROM motion on the yearly follow up visit. This shows significant cost savings to the insurers. Most importantly, the patients quality of life will be improved.

Ortho Innovations Orthoses helps decrease therapy time
With the user-friendliness of our orthoses, the patient experiences great results from the at home therapy, making this an effective, safe and easy to use brace for patients. Patients continue to attain ROM between visits to their therapists which helps leave more time to discuss other issues that they might be experiencing. This helps in the limited amount of therapy sessions that is typically covered by insurance.

Ortho Innovations distributes these products through qualified professionals. They are only to be used following the prescription of a Medical Doctor. The prescribing physician’s instructions take precedence over any instructions given here or in printed material.

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