Hip Abduction Orthosis

H.A.O. Hip Abduction Orthosis. The first "off the shelf" Hip Orthosis you customize to truly fit like a custom!

Ortho Innovations' H.A.O. was developed by A.B.C. Orthotists in Rochester, Minnesota. This design has been in use for more than two decades on thousands of post-operative patients. The extreme low-profile pelvic section and thigh shell are rigid where it matters and flexible where it counts. Patients find the H.A.O. comfortable to wear, yet it is surprisingly effective at resisting adduction and excessive flexion.

H.A.O. Features:

  • Adjustable flexion stop
  • Orthotist-friendly hinge with contourable upright; you adjust or your orthotist adjusts for length, abduction, and hip development















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Ortho Innovations Hip Abduction Orthosis Ortho Innovations Hip Abduction Orthosis Ortho Innovations Hip Abduction Orthosis


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