Prefabricated and Custom-made Contracture Braces for the elbow and knee

Hyperflexion Elbow

In the event that the patient requires stretch in the direction of extreme flexion, we have developed a device called the Elbow Hyperflexion Sling/Brace.

The Elbow Hyperflexion Sling/Brace uses an ulnar wrist cuff and shoulder yoke with an adjustable strap to flex the elbow. Available as a universal size, the Elbow Hyperflexion Sling/Brace can also be ordered to fit the patient’s dimensions.


Ortho Innovations distributes these products through qualified professionals. They are only to be used following the prescription of a Medical Doctor. The prescribing physician’s instructions take precedence over any instructions given here or in printed material.


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Ortho Innovations Mackie Elbow Brace Ortho Innovations Mackie Elbow Brace Ortho Innovations Mackie Elbow Brace
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Ortho Innovations Mackie Elbow