Prefabricated and Custom-made Contracture Braces for the elbow and knee


Ortho Innovations distributes these products through qualified professionals. They are only to be used following the prescription of a Medical Doctor. The prescribing physician’s instructions take precedence over any instructions given here or in printed material.

Static-Progressive Stretch
Static progressive stretch (SPS) orthoses (braces) are used to restore lost range of motion to contracted joints through the biomechanical principle of stress relaxation. Soft tissues respond as a viscoelastic material. Soft tissues include tendons, ligaments, muscles, joint capsules, skin and fascia. As a viscoelastic material is stretched and then held at a constant length, the stress or tendency to rebound gradually declines. This decline in force is called stress relaxation. SPS stretches soft tissues using a series of incremental changes in the joint position held constant over prescribed periods of time. Connective tissue responds favorably to this low-load prolonged stretch. This desired response allows the tissue to slowly adapt to the elongated length, resulting in permanent plastic deformation in the most time efficient manner.


Patient Application Instructions: Knee

  1. Turn knobs (A) so the angle of the brace is the same as the leg. The leg should be in the most extended position.
  2. The knee cap should be positioned between the two middle straps, with the brace on the front of the leg. Pull the straps (B) across the back of the leg and through the buckle. Straps should be secure and snug.
  3. Turn the knobs together in the direction to straighten the knee until the patient experiences mild discomfort or a feeling of stretch. This feeling should reduce in less than 30 minutes. Follow prescribing physician’s instructions for length of wear, and specific knob adjustment.

Patient Application Instructions: Elbow Hyperflexion

  1. Unfastened all strap closures, and loosen the wrist-to-shoulder strap to its full length by releasing the friction buckle on top of the shoulder.
  2. Place metal shoulder bar over the same shoulder as the elbow to be stretched.
  3. Fasten the waist strap around the abdomen, and adjust the length at the buckle until snug. Fasten the chest strap under the opposite arm to the buckle at the end of the metal shoulder bar. Adjust strap tension by drawing the strap through the buckle until snug. The wrist cuff is placed so the wrist-to-shoulder strap is at the end toward the fingers. The wider strap goes across the forearm, just above the wrist and is fastened snug by drawing through the metal loop. The fingers should be free to move without discomfort.
  4. Pull the end of the wrist-to-shoulder strap through the friction buckle on top of the shoulder, until a mild discomfort or feeling of stretch in the elbow occurs. This adjustment can be made easier and more effective by supporting the hand against a fixed object like a wall or heavy table as the wrist-to-shoulder strap is adjusted to hold that position. To release, support the arm or hold the strap while pressing on the friction buckle lever.

Patient Application Instructions: Elbow

  1. Turn knob (A) so the angle of the brace is the same as the arm. The arm should be in the most extended position.
  2. Place arm in the brace, lining hinge up with skin crease at elbow. Pull the straps (B) across the front of the arm and through the buckle. Straps should be secure and snug. The hand should be in a “handshake” or “thumbs up” position.
  3. Turn the knob until the brace tightens up and begins to place tension on the elbow joint. Mild discomfort or a feeling of stretch should reduce in less than 30 minutes. Follow prescribing physician’s instructions for length of wear, and specific knob adjustment.
  4. Optional flexion straps: Apply across front of arm to provide a holding force at the elbow, if increased flexion range of motion is desired. Knob can be adjusted until feeling of stretch occurs.

Warranty Information
The frame of the Mackie Elbow or Knee Brace is covered by a one year limited warranty against defects in craftsmanship. (Under normal use)

Product Disclaimer: The Mackie Elbow Extension, Hyperflexion and Knee Extension Braces are designed to return the maximum range of motion possible to the injured joint. Many patients require this treatment in addition to previous surgery and other therapeutic measures.

Please be aware that the goal of this treatment is to accomplish a low stretching force over long periods of time. This will stretch soft tissues in a safe manner with lasting results. The patient must be sure to discuss the wearing schedule with the physician who prescribed the orthosis.

If the patient experiences PAIN, SWELLING, or NUMBNESS at any time during treatment with these braces, the patient is advised to contact the referring medical professional immediately.

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